Pete's Pecan Pies


Our dad came up with the recipe for these pies over 40 years ago from his desire to recreate a pecan pie like the one he used to eat at his grandmother’s house in Paxville, S.C. Since no one had the recipe and he was not satisfied with the store or bakery bought pies, his only choice was to come up with a recipe of his own. So he played around with various ingredients and recipes until he came up with what some have said is the best pecan pie they’ve ever eaten. Even folks that don’t like pecan pies or other desserts have been converted!

We’ve joked for years about selling them and finally decided to take the plunge. We hope that you and your family and friends will enjoy our pies as much as our family and friends have over the years and you make it a regular part of your holidays, special occasions or just because you need one!

Shari Ardis

P.S. We don’t grow our own pecans but they do come from South Carolina growers.

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